Stop this shit

We use NFT ART to raise awareness and change the world. The other side seeks to express the true nature of real events that hide a terrifying truth.

The Breakers

The breakers are the ones who have broken the glass and revealed the truth. The breakers will receive a surprise gift a year later, a proof that they have been part of the struggle.


#1 Day of the dead


The colors and decorations of this great celebration become dark because of the massive disappearance of children, this event so full of culture is not enough to drown the cries of desperate mothers. In Mexico 7-9 children disappear per day, that is 2,555 per year, this is only the number of known cases. 


#2 Rome


It is no secret! The Vatican (only the Vatican) receives approximately 600 lawsuits a year for abuse within the church. It is repulsive that when they claim to worship saints and virgins they actually abuse and snatch the innocence of so many victims, what a double entendre....


#3 Las Vegas


The fabulous city of sin, where everything is a game and even the fun of submitting women sounds as fantastic as rolling the dice for a big bet. All night long full of addictive activities and best of all: what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, which makes it convenient.

New Drop incoming 30 July 2022

World day against trafficking in persons